Award Categories


Entrants must demonstrate a clear solution, idea or project which addresses common traffic or transport challenges within a City or Town


Entrants to submit ideas, visions or projects which improve community cohesion and engagement


Entrants to submit entries on how data can be utilised to deliver a solution, conduct research or support a City or Town service


Entrants are requested to demonstrate how their entry improves planning, function or design of buildings


Entrants should submit entries on how communications including advertising, media, pr,social media, training and learning can improve societal outcomes


Entrys to showcase ideas on how a project/service/product can or is addressing either data protection, security, health & safety, cyber security, terrorism


Entrants to submit ideas or projects on how to improve health outcomes for citizens


This category is dedicated to those who have led the way both nationally and internationally to accelerate smart cities in 2018/19. They have been selected by the organisers of the event. To vote for your choice visit the Leadership section in the navigation bar

2019 Nominees-

Andrew Collinge, Advisor, Smart Dubai
Jacqui Taylor, CEO FlyingBinary, Smart City Tsar
Julie Snell, Managing Director, Bristol is Open
Stephen Blackburn,Data and Innovation Manager,Leeds City Council
Steve Turner, Digital Cities Lead, Arup
Tony Hart, Smart Cities Programme Lead, Oxfordshire County Council